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Iomega eGo 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive 34945

 For one, I get to carry it wherever I go. This way I am sure my critical data is with me and will not be tampered. I am a frequent buyer of portable drives because of the nature of my job. And Iomega has never disappointed me till date! This time I got to purchase the Iomega eGo 500 GB USB 2 portable hard drive 34945. My office mate has this drive and I was really impressed by its design, the color and its ultrathin mold. Immediately checked different web sites to know the dimension of this device and it was just 2.1 x 7 x 5.1 inches! A true portable hard drive indeed and also installs quick. The silver color of this hard drive matches perfectly with my MacBook Air notebook. The compactness allows me to carry it anywhere but with the risk of dropping it. With the Drop guard, it is safe if the fall is a short one less than 5 ft. For Mac users, there is Trend Micro and I am worry free for atleast a year. The software is not a part of the package but has to be downloaded. I use the QuickProtect as I do not wanna miss any opportunity for safe backups.


Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/8GB

The Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Card works flawlessly with all my memory card readers: Kingston Mobilite, Kingston microSD Card Reader, and SD Card Reader. Windows (XP) has no trouble recognizing it as a removable drive.

- Device Compatibility
Using a microSDHC to MS PRO Duo Adapter, I am able to use the Kingston 8GB microSD in my Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 Camera -- it works like a charm; the camera has no trouble capturing pictures and videos (at a frame frate of 30 fps and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels). All of my devices, such as my Garmin nüvi 360 and my HP iPAQ 111, are able to recognize the full capacity of the SD card.

- microSDHC Format
microSD cards of 4GB or larger are known more specifically as microSDHC cards. This 8GB Kingston card is therefore a microSDHC card. Beware that some older devices are NOT compatible with the microSDHC format. Such devices will only work with microSD cards with capacities of 2GB (such as this Kingston 2GB microSD card) or less.

(The technical specification for the SDHC/microSDHC format supports capacities ranging from 4GB - 32 GB. microSDHC cards of 16GB, such as this Kingston 16GB microSDHC card, is the largest capacity available as of this writing.)

- Class 4 Speed
This SD card is rated class 4 (data transfer rate: 4 MByte/sec, or 32 mbps) - sufficiently fast for the majority of electronics. A decidedly small number of electronics, most notably some camcorders and high-end cameras, require a class 6 SD card (the fastest transfer rate as of this writing). Transcend makes one that's rated class 6.

- Frustration-Free Packaging
Kudos to Amazon for their Frustration-Free Packaging efforts in using only recyclable packaging materials and in keeping the amount of packaging used to a bare minimum. As a giant in the e-tailing industry, Amazon's move will no doubt serve as an impetus for getting the rest of the e-tailers to follow suit!

The Kingston memory card is compatible with devices that support the microSDHC format. It is a fast (class 4) memory card with plenty of storage. Definitely recommended if the specs meet your needs!

Kingston SSDNow V Series 128 GB SATA 3 GB/s 2.5- Inch Solid State Drive SNV425-S2/128GB

Rare that a product has so many winning benefits. My 2008 mid-range notebook is now getting up to 200MBs on sequential reads and 60MBs on sequential writes. That's a jump of 5x in read speed over the original HDD. The write speed is somewhat faster. Notebook now boots 3x faster. No more disk defragging for me, no more disk crashes, runs cooler and quieter. The only downside is living within the limits of this drive's capacity. You can always buy a larger SSD too.

The usual recommendation for an SSD is to buy one which supports the TRIM feature and use it with Windows 7. TRIM keeps a drive running at optimum speed. Yes, this drive supports TRIM. Very good. However, PCPerspective published an authoritative review on this drive questioning the commonly held notion that TRIM is a sine qua non feature when buying SSDs. Apparently, the drive's controller, a JMicron JMF618, has the smarts to keep the drive running at optimum speed without TRIM. If this is correct, it means that this drive can be coupled with non-TRIM operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and RAID systems. A very radical claim indeed.

I strongly feel that SSDs are so fast and so much more reliable than a notebook's HDD that you really must buy one ASAP. You won't be disappointed. This is a very compelling SSD to buy because it has both TRIM and a superior drive controller. You can't go wrong.